Since our kayak excursion was cancelled, today is pretty much a free day. We wandered the Straw Market, a few back street shops, and found a nearby beach. They’re not kidding when you hear these beaches are some of the best in the world; The one we found was pretty low-key, but gorgeous. We did a little snorkeling, read on the beach, and shared a really strong bahama mama made with a coconut that had been on the tree minutes before. The sensation of the soft white sand squishing through my toes was almost too great to describe. The water, despite being within a couple hundred yards of a major port, was the sort of clear, light blue that most west coasters can only dream of. After getting a little sunbaked, we grabbed some fish tacos and a couple drinks at Senor Frog’s. I’ve had some great fish tacos, but when they’re made with fish caught the same day, there’s just no comparing. Apparently, we happened upon karaoke night; Because all day every day is karaoke night. I got serenaded.

After a great afternoon in the sun and some fun finds in the market, we worked our way back to the ship. Sadly, as disembarkation is pretty early the next morning and we were pretty tired from all the sun, we spent most of the evening in the cabin, packing. I did manage to get a few more climbs in on the rock wall; Made it up twice, and halfway once. With my forearms shaking and fatigued, it was time for dinner, packing, and bed.

towel swans


29 October 2010