No real plans today, except to catch a Nassau talk and a comedy show. Ordered breakfast in bed again; Aside from a lack of bacon, I could get used to this treatment. Found out last night that our kayak tour for tomorrow was cancelled due to boat problems. We were both really looking forward to that excursion, and there’s nothing else happening tomorrow that we’re interested in and can afford. We’re disappointed, but that’s $160 back in my pocket.

We enjoyed a Cuban and a rum-flavored cigar, made a lot of progress on our books, and had some good, relaxing quiet time. After a wonderful dinner, we caught an excellent improv show that reminded me how much I love and miss these shows.

With tomorrow’s excursion cancelled, it looks like we’ll just visit a couple shops and spend some time at one of Nassau’s beautiful beaches. I can think of worse ways to spend a Friday.


28 October 2010