We woke this morning to see a new port ahead of us. By the time we had finished breakfast, the doors were open and the gangways ready for us. After a brief prep, we set out to find our tour. As we searched for our new friends on the pier, I overheard a heated conversation between two other guests and a staff member over who was first in line. To ride in a twenty-passenger truck. Even on vacation in a strange and beautiful land, some people can’t survive without drama.

Today would bring us all over the island in the back of a tour truck, some beautiful views, and some excellent photo ops. The driver shared a brief history of the island and stories of his personal experiences here; some funny, some tragic. It’s hard to imagine this lush, green island completely stripped of leaves after a hurricane, but amazing to see the level of recovery; These people are nothing if not tenacious. We made a few stops to observe the local flora and fauna, as well as to check out an historical landmark and preserve. Jen, as always, captured some amazing images of some of the most bizarre and beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen. From the final stop, we were also able to capture the view of Magens Bay, one of the world’s top five best beaches.

After the tour, we were dropped off in downtown St. Thomas for some shopping. Jen got her freebie jewelry, some other stuff, and we found the cigars I had been searching for; They’re essentially Cubans, but are available due to a legal loophole, and I’m told they’re fantastic. (Update: They are.)

Back on board, it was well past lunch time, and we were due for a few showers each; Who knew a tropical island would be so warm and humid? The only plan for the rest of the day was to relax. Some happy hour raspberry mojitos, a visit to the jacuzzi, dinner, reading and writing should do the trick.


27 October 2010