An unexpected wake-up call. The captain informs us that we have stopped due to a broken drive shaft bearing. This is going to take some time to fix, but shouldn’t put us too far off course or schedule. Including this stop and the later stop to verify the fix, we lost about two hours; enough to have our shore excursion moved. The crew was great about rescheduling and rearranging it for us.

After we finished our breakfast in bed, we did a bit of shopping and checked out a few more very informative talks: one about future cruising, one about regional sights and sites, and the other about shopping for gems. We then had lunch and split for most of the afternoon; She relaxed while I played a bit of Wii bowling and archery on a 30 foot LED screen, followed by some reading on the sun deck. She rejoined me just as the sun started to set, and we enjoyed (and photographed) the view. Arizona has prettier, more colorful sunsets, but this was truly awe-inspiring.

Tonight’s dinner was accompanied by a cirque show. It started out cramped and cheesy, but we were quickly absorbed into the amazing feats being performed just a few feet from us. An unfortunate side-effect of this enthrallment is along the lines of eating popcorn while watching a great movie: before you know it, you’ve eaten the whole bag. In this case, the popcorn was a delicious three-course meal. Entertained and stuffed, we chatted with a neighbor as we made our way out of the theater and to our room. Time to recharge our camera batteries, as well as our own; Tomorrow is going to be a big day.


25 October 2010