What better way to start the day than a hearty breakfast with a view from the bow of a ship? Nothing around but beautiful, deep blue water with the occasional white cap, and a hint of the Bahamas 30 miles to starboard.

Today would be a day of salmon-filled meals, high seas, strong winds, and fun on the sun deck. We followed breakfast with a quick mile on the outdoor jogging track, enjoying the sometimes unobstructed view of the water 30 feet below, then some rock climbing/rapelling. After attending a talk about regional shopping, it was time for some lunch, a little shopping and fun in the onboard water park. The slides, while fun, are nothing particularly special, but it’s a trip climbing to the top of a swaying twenty-story building to ride a water slide. After riding each of the three slides, I was done with the chill brought by the gale-force winds, and ready for the hot tub.

The evening would bring a fantastic meal (salmon, of course) and a Blue Man Group show. Although this was our third time, and was not nearly as well done as the Vegas show, we were thoroughly entertained.

It’s only our second day aboard, and I’m already aware of two things related to our lack of a rigorous schedule: I feel very free, but have a hard time recalling the sequence of events. I’m glad I thought to keep this record; recalling the day seems to help cement the memory.


24 October 2010